• Harvesting Avatars High Grade Honey

We specialize in the production of New Zealand’s world renowned manuka honey.
Manuka honey is unique to New Zealand and comes from the nectar of the manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) bush. Research into using manuka Honey in medical and nutraceutical applications is continuing thanks to its antibacterial and other bioactive properties.

Avatar® Manuka is a very complex food, containing thousands of totally natural compounds. We call it natures Super-Food and as Mother Nature’s appointed honey guardians, we handle it very carefully during the harvesting, extraction, maturing and repacking processes.

Our honey is treated with the utmost respect from the moment it is harvested from the hives. It is carefully handled through each stage of the extraction and packing process.
We do not filter to remove pollen. We do not aggressively heat the honey which destroys its natural enzymes.

Aged to perfection…
Manuka honey’s antibacterial efficacy is increased by maturing the honey over time. Some companies try and accelerate the maturing process of Manuka by storing the honey under elevated temperatures to rapidly increase the honey’s potency. Not us. When we mature our manuka honey, we only do it under ambient conditions to ensure our matured Manuka is as fresh as the day it was harvested while maintaining its maximum nutritional value.  
Some of our Manuka has been aged for over 3 years.

We never forget the magical little creatures that gave us this gift…the bees! 
We only farm our bees in an ethically responsible and sustainable manner.
When the manuka honey is harvested, we ensure sufficient honey is left to make sure the bees remain healthy during winter supplemented by late summer wild flower and other native nectar flows that follow the manuka.