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All our apiaries are completely natural organic NZ habitats. The best manuka concentrations grow in areas where generally there is no farming operation, so no potentially harmful farming inputs like fertilizer, herbicides, animal treatments and pesticides are present. It’s simply a natural untouched environment.

Most of our hives have permanent locations. This keeps our hives in prime condition.

After summer we only shift hives that may be destroyed due to weather events.

In late winter native flowering excites the queen into production and the hives become stronger. In December, when the Manuka flowers, the workforce delivers in abundance.

When the manuka honey is harvested, we ensure sufficient honey is left to make sure the bees remain healthy during winter supplemented by late summer wildflower and native nectar flows that follow the manuka.

To ensure the authenticity and provenance of your jar of manuka honey we have made it as easy as possible for you to trace back to the region it came from, simply enter your batch number into our system here.

Finding your batch number

Avatar manuka honey is made and packaged in New Zealand and every jar of our delicious honey by law must have a batch number to be legally able to be exported. This number can be found on the reverse of the label or in the shipment packing slip.

 To check the authenticity and provenance of your jar of manuka honey back to the region it came from, please click here



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The Batch number is the number you can use to trace back and Avatar Manuka Honey to the exact hive location and Apiarie it has come from.

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