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  • 2020 Manuka Honey Season Update

Hello Honey Lovers,

It’s been another busy season at Avatar Honey and thankfully the honey gods have smiled upon us this season. The hives all produced a bountiful crop of high quality, high activity, monofloral manuka honey. The manuka blossom intensity was tremendous and we were fortunate to have fine and hot settled weather during the nectar flow.

In January, we had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from China, to some of our remote manuka sites. It was amazing to see their reaction, the looks on their faces as they traveled into the pristine Wairarapa countryside and then examined the manuka blossom and tasted fresh manuka honey straight from the hive! Their enthusiasm and excitement was intoxicating, with many of the delegation not wearing bee suits and forgetting our warnings that bees actually have quite a nasty sting, they ventured right up close next to the hives and into the flight paths of the bees as they were overwhelmed with the connection with NZ nature. But the bees were happy, full of honey and thankfully no one got stung. It was a reminder of how fortunate we are in NZ with clean air and open unpopulated countryside teeming with nature.

Also in January, we completed a new Avatar Honey promotion video, showing some of the magic scenery of our manuka apiaries. Check it out below

Fast forward to March and the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. We are very thankful and proud of the efforts of all New Zealanders, who have kept the virus outbreak in NZ in check. Our hearts go out to all those who’s lives have been impacted by the pandemic. We have been fortunate enough to escape with minimal impact on our business to date. There has been exponential growth in online shopping over the Lock-down period and it continues to be at peak levels post Lock-down. This has meant there maybe slightly longer lead-times for shipping and courier deliveries within NZ and much longer lead times for international orders. This can be 3-4 weeks depending on the destination country and the flight services available. Keeping in mind 95% of international air travel from NZ is grounded, one can understand the problem that creates for moving air freight.

Apart from longer lead times, we have not been affected by COVID-19.  We are well stocked with bulk and packed manuka honey from MQS5+ to MQS20+ as well as other NZ floral varieties and we look forward to bringing you some amazing offers and products over the coming months for you to enjoy.


The Avatar Honey Team.



Brendon Redfern
Avatar Honey NZ Ltd