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Honey is one of the most fraudulent and adultered foods globally and because of the high price of manuka honey, it is frequently targeted and mislabeled by unscrupulous companies.  

We believe only genuine manuka honey comes from New Zealand .

Our customers have told us that what is important to them in there decision to buy Manuka Honey is:  
to be able to easily distinguish the lower and higher quality grades.
to continue to be able to purchase the honey based on its antibacterial potency
to have faith that what they are buying is true to label and not a diluted blend of low quality inferior foreign honey.

Manuka MQS certified
Avatar Premium MQS Manuka Honey is graded for purity and antibacterial efficacy according to the Manuka Quality Standard (MQS). Our honey’s MQS rating is verified by independent laboratory testing and rated according to the honey’s active ingredient, Methylglyoxal, (an antiseptic compound derived from NZ manuka flower nectar) and its manuka flower pollen concentration.
The MQS number is a close approximation to the honeys Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA). 

All Avatar MQS manuka honey is absolutely delicious and its manuka purity and antibacterial potency increases with its MQS rating.  A higher rating means a higher manuka purity and stronger flavour.

When choosing a manuka honey, to guarantee authenticity we recommend you:

Select a 100% New Zealand Honey Company. 
A vertically integrated NZ company involved in the actual beekeeping process is the best choice. 

Select a brand that is repacked in NZ: 
NZ prohibits the importation of foreign honey into NZ. If it’s packed in NZ it’s very unlikely to be blended with cheap foreign honey.
NZ has very strict food safety and consumer protection laws. There are severe penalties for mislabeling a food product.
Select a brand that can demonstrate provenance
i.e. traceability right back to the beehive.
Select a brand that has a multi-parameter manuka quality grading system:
Always select a manuka honey that is graded on both Methylglyoxal (MG or MGO) AND manuka pollen concentration.
Select a brand that has Independent laboratory testing
i.e. published accredited laboratory reports for each honey batch.
Select a brand that has Independent Audits:
Do they have a quality assurance program that’s audited by a independent agency to verify what they are selling is genuine and true to label?

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