Manuka Honey 15+ MGO 500, Massey Universty Certified 93.7% Manuka pollen count minimum | 250g Jar premium New Zealand Honey by Avatar Honey NZ

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Avatar's Silver range MQS 15+ manuka honey, with over 93% manuka pollen you get that aged manuka goodness with a mouth-watering delicious flavor.  Harvested from deep inside the coastal manuka forests of Wairarapa, New Zealand. Independently certified at MGO 500 (mg/kg dietary Methylglyoxal )

At this level of MGO manuka honey really starts to stand out, there are 1000's of elements that make up an MQS15+ honey, nobody understands it and people will never understand it, it's a natural phenomenon that happens once the pollen levels of a Manuka honey reach over 70%.

You are going to love this honey!

Did You Know…?
Avatar Manuka Honey contains amino acids and antioxidants including vitamins and polyphenols and bioflavonoids, which fight free radicals in the body. A study by Laïd Boukraâ et al from King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia on antibacterial and antioxidant potency of floral honey from different botanical and geographical origins found manuka honey had the highest content of polyphenols of all the honey investigated.
A fantastic price for a fantastic honey.