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New Manuka Honey Powder, now you can say goodbye to refined sugar and instead use our specially formulated manuka honey powder. This fantastic sugar alternative is great for so many uses we couldn't name them all here but imagine sprinkling some manuka honey over your morning cereal, or into your morning coffee or tea, you can even make an instant honey drink simply add hot water a squeeze of lemon for a delicious honey and lemon drink. Our kids love it sprinkled over there popcorn and we even sprinkle it over fruit and nuts. Fantastic for use in cooking where you couldn't normally use honey think baking, stir-frys meat rubs and one of our favorites, instead of brown sugar we sprinkle manuka honey over fish just before we pop it into the smoker. Really the true benefits of this product are still being discovered. Order yours now at this amazing introduction price and start discovering recipes of your own.

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