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Avatar Manuka Honey, Blackcurrant, and Echinacea Powdered Herbal Tea with Vitamin C -100g

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Introducing Avatar’s Manuka Honey & Blackcurrant instant drink. This herbal tea has a sweet and tangy flavor with the powerful health benefits of Manuka honey, Echinacea, and vitamin C. This drink is made from 100% pure New Zealand Manuka honey and the finest blackcurrant and Echinacea extracts. With the added benefit of vitamin C, it is the ultimate combination to help soothe the throat and support general well-being.
Add hot or cold water, and enjoy a tasty and invigorating herbal tea on the go. Perfect for busy mornings, post-workout replenishment, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Experience the benefits of Manuka honey in a convenient and delicious form. Try it today!

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