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Competition prizes and update page

The Avatar Spread-The-Honey-Competition is now closed .

If you have entered our Avatar Honey $10,000 Spread-The-Honey competition and you are not an existing customer. Please sign up above, from the yellow top menu bar, click sign up and then create a free account . Then click here to add your address for us to be able to send out your prize, even if you are not in the top 33 please do create your account as we have lots of spot prizes to award and if you do not have an account we can not send you your prize.

We are updating this page as new information is confirmed, it will take a little time as we calculate the last minute points that have been racing in, all competition actions were stopped at 9pm sharp 25th April 2020.

Please do have a look around our website while we finalize everything :) and we will update this page as soon as possible.

Thank you all its been a truly fantastic response ! & we hope you have all have had a little fun during lock-down and all learnt a little more about Avatar honey and the lengths we go to to bring you probably the best tasting honey in New Zealand.

We hope you consider us next time you would like to buy honey and try our online store to buy honey direct from the beekeeper.