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Manuka Honey Lab Certified 8+ MGO 180+ 500g 100% Pure New Zealand Natural Honey by Avatar Honey NZ

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Avatar MQS8+ Manuka Honey is harvested from the coastal manuka forests of the Wairarapa province in New Zealand. This honey contains over 60% manuka pollen, is independently certified at 180+ mg/kg dietary Methylglyoxal and has that unmistakable stunning manuka honey color and flavor that has a dominant manuka fraction but also has multifloral properties where the bees have foraged on not only manuka trees but other surrounding flowers from other native plant species. This creates a natural manuka blend that contains manuka honey as its main component and a certified 180+ mg/kg of dietary Methylglyoxal.
Did You Know?
Before the link was made between MGO concentration in manuka honey and its antibacterial efficacy by Professor Henle at Dresden university in Germany, an NPA 8 was the minimum grade of manuka honey needed to provide the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) based on the old industry manuka rating parameter of non-peroxide activity (NPA). That is, this was the minimum strength manuka honey required when referenced to the standard of an 8% concentration of the antiseptic Phenol, to prevent the growth of Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria assay’s following overnight incubation.