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Firstly, thank you for dropping by. With this page we will show you how we can bring you one of the highest quality manuka honey available in the world today and how you can be sure with Avatar Honey, you are always getting the purest taste of New Zealand.

Avatar Honey NZ is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company. We specialize in honey's derived from New Zealand's native forests, especially NZ's world-renowned manuka honey.

Our beekeepers are dedicated kiwi's, extremely passionate about their bee's and the honey's they produce.  Since we are also the beekeepers, we can provide you a direct line to some of the highest quality and best-priced manuka honey on the market.

Avatar Honey’s founder and owner, Brendon Redfern, has a strong vision for the future of the company. “My team and I work in the best ‘office’ in the world, - fresh air, clean water, magnificent views, abundant wildlife and we get to harvest the nectar from our majestic native New Zealand forests through the tireless efforts of the humble honey bee.
New Zealand manuka honey is especially world-renowned for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. This is supported by science and clinical studies but more importantly countless of anecdotal stories from everyday customers attesting manuka honey’s benefits in home remedies.

We are not a multi-national corporate, trading globally in millions of tons of honey, packing supermarket home-label brands to a tight budget.  No, we are beekeepers, - Artisan producers of natures wonderful gift, - manuka honey. We guarantee the provenance of our honey and its genuine New Zealand origins.

Our mission is to bring you the highest quality 100% pure New Zealand manuka honey that you can be sure is authentic, packed in New Zealand, is not diluted with imported foreign honey and is supported by a transparent quality rating system verified by independent laboratory testing.

Our values of innovation, continuous improvement and care for our bee's & their environment means we are always working hard to bring you the purest New Zealand honey in traditional packages and also in the latest creative forms.”




It All Starts In The Pristine Remote Manuka Forests Of Wairarapa New Zealand

 Manuka Honey Forests New Zealand Avatar



As many of our hive locations are so remote we helicopter our hives into these manuka forests. Providing our bees possibly the best hive locations in New Zealand. The shot below shows Avatar beekeepers coming back from dropping in some hives.

 Family Team


Sometimes even helicopters cant get to where we want our hive Locations

Our beekeepers are so passionate about their honey they are always out looking and finding new locations for our hives, many times trekking miles around hilltops or driving the hives down rivers into valleys of Manuka.

Driving in Manuka Honey Hives For Avatar Honey New Zealand


Our head beekeeper and CEO of Avatar New Zealand Brendon took this picture on the way home from collecting some hives last season. With such clean air and fantastic nature all around you can see why our honey is so good.

The view from above our manuka forests


The Manuka Flower

This is the magic flower that has the world in a buzz and this is what we are looking for when we are up in helicopters, it grows in forests throughout New Zealand but it has very strong growth on the east coast of New Zealand. 
Finding the best places for our hives is the reason behind our continued success in achieving such a high-grade manuka honey containing up to > 95% Manuka Pollen.


 honey bee on manuka flower avatar honey

Our Manuka Honey Apiaries

Once we have found a great place dense in manuka trees, with about a 2 km radius of healthy manuka we place our hive's in the middle as we know our bees can fly up to 2km in search of nectar. Below is a genuine example of a true manuka honey forest we use annually at Avatar Honey.

Highlights & Benefits

  • High-density manuka flowers
  • Busy bees can fly 2km
  • The result is a fantastic high grade, high purity honey
  • avatar-honey-manuka-forest



Look close below to see the busy bees bringing in the honey.

Our head beekeeper took this photo in shorts and a t-shirt from one of our blend honey hives. He has such a good relationship with the bees after 10 years of being with them that they are so happy in their work that he can have amazing moments like these and just enjoy nature at its finest


  • Happy bees make more honey
  • Respect and admire nature
  • 100% Natural



Manuka Honey Extraction

Once we have the honey its time for extraction, this is an art in its self and our head beekeeper Brendon takes full responsibly for this delicate process. Here he is pictured hard at work performing the process of extracting the manuka honey from the frames.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Over 10 years experience
  • Expert in quality control
  • Owner of the company
  • Extraction of manuka honey at avatar honey New Zealand


What We Have All Been Waiting For The Final Product A Genuine Manuka Honey.

Now all the hard work by the bees and our beekeepers is finished, what we have left is our raw pure manuka honey. Now you can get an understanding of the true color, texture and general look of a genuine manuka honey.
A quick note: this color does vary a little from season to season.


  • Golden
  • Grainy
  • Liquid yet thick & sticky

 real manuka honey colour



We then professionally pack and send our honey around the world for people like you to enjoy a true New Zealand made 100% genuine Manuka honey of the highest quality.



Introducing Manuka Blend

At Avatar Honey NZ we really believe in manuka honey so much we want to bring it to you in as many fun and exciting ways as possible. We understand not everyone can buy the highest quality honey in the world as its very rare and there’s just not enough for everyone. Not to mention it’s a very expensive product to make,- helicopters aren’t cheap! So we have introduced to our range, a new Avatar blended version of manuka honey that offers many of the same tastes and experiences of the highest grade manuka honey we sell, but at a fraction of the cost.


 Avatar Honey Manuka Blend

How can you be sure the Manuka honey
you’re buying is genuine as labeled?

Avatar Honey NZ is a 100% Kiwi owned and operated company committed to bringing you the highest quality NZ honey. We specialize in NZ's world-renowned Manuka Honey.
Our beekeepers are all dedicated kiwis, extremely passionate about their bees and the honey they produce.
We work hard to bring you the purest taste of New Zealand through innovation, continuous improvement and care for our bees and their environment. We farm our bees ethically and sustainably to ensure we can give natures great treasure for generations to come.



MQS Verified - The Manuka Quality Standard

We believe any Manuka Honey grading system should be expanded to include other attributes of the honey to give the consumer a comprehensive assurance of the honey’s potency and purity. Always check for the Manuka Quality Standard (MQS) to ensure your honey quality.

  • Avatar honey is MQS verified
  • Avatar honey has Methylglyoxal MGO Tests and ratings
  • Avatar honey is Independently tested

    Independent Laboratory Testing

    We provide you and publish all our independent accredited laboratory test reports for each batch of honey we ship to you.

    • All Avatar Honey Is Independently tested
    • All reports are published
    • Industry leading company