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Avatar-Spread-The-Honey Competition Update

We have our winners!

Competition Winners Update:

1st:  Jane

Congratulations you are our Grand Prize winner: The highest points scorer, you have won the Grand Prize of Avatar Honey products with an approximate retail value of $2055

2nd: Oliver

Congratulations you are 2nd place Prize winner:: With the second-highest points scored, you have won a bundle of Avatar Honey products with an approximate retail value of $1035

3rd:  Aaron Wells 
Congratulations you are 3rd place Prize winner: With the 3rd highest points scored, you have won a bundle of Avatar Honey products with an approximate retail value of $565

The next 10 highest points scored, these 10 winners will receive a bundle of Avatar Honey products with an approximate retail value of $255

4th:  Catherine Longhurst   ( Prize Sent )
5th:  Wendy Haywood ( Prize Sent )
6th:  Jack Matthews ( Prize Sent )
7th:  Jai Crombie ( Prize Sent )
8th:  Sophie Hollands ( Prize Sent )
9th:  Ross ( Prize Sent )
10th: Evelyn shortall   ( Prize Sent )
11th: Hina Nafe    ( Prize Sent )
12th: Graydon Scott     ( Prize Sent )
13th: Collen Longstaff ( prize sent )

The next 20 highest points scores, these 20 winners will receive a bundle of Avatar Honey products with an approximate retail value of $72

14th: Paul McDonald
15th: Samantha  ( Prize Sent )
16th: Shenaz Kapadia  ( Prize Sent )
17th: Anna Jones  ( Prize Sent )
18th: Julie  ( Prize Sent )
19th: Nastasja Stark  ( Prize Sent )
20th: Eddy Gies  ( Prize Sent )
21st:  Rachel Pascoe   ( Prize Sent )
22nd: Bronwyn Rae  ( Prize Sent )
23rd: Lesley Gordon   ( Prize Sent )
24th: Rhona Dacillo    ( Prize Sent )
25th: Jirantana Sangthong  ( Prize Sent )
26th: John Paul Manulat   ( Prize Sent)
27th: Kerewai Ainsley  ( Prize Sent )
28th: Anita Erceg   ( Prize Sent )
29th: Aaron Bromley  ( Prize Sent )
30th: Chris Allan   ( Prize Sent )
31st: Teghan Errington   ( Prize Sent )
32nd: Toni Helmhout   ( Prize Sent )
33rd: Debbie-Jo   ( Prize Sent )

Next we come to our $500 worth of Avatar branded gift cards

$25 Gift Card winners

34th  Liam MacDonald  ( giftcard sent)
35th: Asha  ( giftcard sent)
36th: Karlie Wii   ( giftcard sent)
37th: Julie Buck   ( giftcard sent)
38th; Noeline Bourke  ( giftcard sent)
39th: Julie Stuart  ( giftcard sent)
40th: Alison Pollock  ( giftcard sent)

$20 Gift Card winners

Michelle Hudgell  ( giftcard sent)
Sudha  ( giftcard sent)
Kim O’Neale  ( giftcard sent)
Carolyn Dredge  ( giftcard sent)
Grant Elwin  ( giftcard sent)
Raven  ( giftcard sent)
Ma Mya Aye  ( giftcard sent)
Angie Gies  ( giftcard sent)
Jon Schlegel ( giftcard sent)
Emily Griffin ( giftcard sent)
Angela Blake ( giftcard sent)
Stephanie Frood-mitchell ( giftcard sent)
Madiha Adnan  ( giftcard sent)
Pauline Taylor ( giftcard sent)
Hope Smith ( giftcard sent)
Sharon Eruera ( giftcard sent)
Frances Turpie  ( giftcard sent)
Marie Barrett ( giftcard sent)

Daily Prize winners during the competition.

Some of you already have your prizes. Some winners have not signed up to our website yet, you need to sign up with your address details for us to send you your prizes.

Kelly Willoughby  1x Manuka Blend  (Sent)
Bradley Horsburgh 1x Manuka Blend (Sent)
Chris Allan  1x Manuka Blend (Sent)
Jordan Noanoa  1x Manuka Blend (Sent)
Lynne Ransom 1x Manuka Blend (Sent)
Cheyanne Maricia  1 x Manuka Blend** (Sent)
Donna Counsell 1 X Manuka Blend ** (sent)
Anita McNeil 1 x Manuka Blend  (sent)
Katrina Jackson  1x Manuka Blend  (Sent)
Sarah Naylor  you have won a $20 gift card  (Sent)
Vivi Reremoana  you have won a $20 gift card  (Sent)
Colin Todd you have won a $20 gift card  ** (sent)
Tracy Berghan $30 Gift Card  (Sent)

Other winners:

Angelica Santos  1x Manuka Blend 1x Clover Blend (Sent)
Lesley Farley  1x Manuka Blend 1x Clover Blend (Sent)
Kim Eagle 1x Manuka Blend 1x Clover Blend (Sent)
Noeline Bourke 1x Manuka Blend 1x clover blend  (Sent)
Wendy Haywood who will receive the same prize  (Sent)

Joleen Bridgen  1x Manuka Blend and one x Clover blend   (sent)
Sue Gravatt   1x Manuka Blend and one x Clover blend (sent)
Michele Sievers  1 x Manuka Blend and 1 x Clover blend 500g (sent)

The following honey lovers have won 1 x MQS10+ 500g

This is one of our favorite Mono-floral manuka honeys, you are in for a treat :)

Todd Russell
Frances Vincent
Jeannine Corbett
Colin Irwin  (Sent)
Angelita Ticar
Nadia Shujai (sent)
John Blackmoore (sent)
Aaron Casson

Thank you, its been a truly fantastic response ! We have loved running this competition and with your continued support of Avatar Honey, we will be able to run something like this again. Your tremedous feedback has told us how much you have enjoyed this little adventure with us over lock-down and we hope you have learnt a little more about Avatar Honey and the lengths we go to, to bring you probably the best tasting honey in New Zealand.

Please consider us next time you buy honey. Ordering with our online store and buying honey direct from us the beekeeper, truly supports us and gives you the best possible price without any other middlemen. Shipping normally only takes 1 or 2 days within New Zealand and when you order over $50 shipping in New Zealand is free.

Here's to good health and here’s to good Honey.
The Avatar Team

P.S   Prize winners, please remember to sign up to the website above in the top yellow menu bar by clicking create account, then click here to add your address so we can send out your prize.

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