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Manuka Honey MGO 250 Lab Certified 10+ >90% Manuka Pollen count | 100% Pure New Zealand Natural Honey 500g by Avatar Honey NZ.

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Avatar MQS 10+ Manuka Honey is over 70% manuka pollen, is independently certified at  250+MGO (mg/kg dietary Methylglyoxal) and has that unmistakable stunning rich color and flavor that lets you know its Manuka as soon as you taste it.
Did You Know…?
Avatar Manuka Honey is a very complex food, containing thousands of totally natural compounds. Research by Analytica Laboratories, in Hamilton New Zealand, using high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques discovered Avatar NZ manuka honey consists of over 15000 different compounds and trace elements. We believe these substances work individually and synergistically with each other to create natures perfectly balanced superfood.
Looking to add a nice natural energy boost to your day? This would be a great place to start.
Only while Stocks last, this is Avatar's most popular grade.

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