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Our Highest Grade Manuka Honey - Gold Label MGO800+ MQS20+ 250g

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Sale Stunner: Taste the difference New Zealand Fine Food Award's Finalist Premium Aged High Grade Manuka Honey. This MGO 800+ Manuka Honey is one of Best Manuka Honeys In The World.


Welcome to the age of Ultra Premium Manuka Honey. Imagine happy bees living in a completely natural environment high in the ranges of the dense unfarmed manuka forests of the Wairarapa coast. This very rare grade of manuka honey is of the highest quality and it is only available from certain years where the weather the bees and manuka trees themselves all aline in the 3 to 4 weeks that the manuka flowers. Only then are we privileged enough to get this very high-grade manuka, honey. This batch on offer uses MPI's 5.0 point monofloral test and also has been tested at Massey University and found not only to be classified  true monofloral Manuka but to have an 86.5% manuka pollen purity.

Harvested from the coastal manuka forests of Wairarapa, New Zealand. Avatar MQS20+ has been carefully aged in a controlled environment over a number of years to produce a honey that is independently certified at MGO 800+ (mg/kg dietary Methylglyoxal) and is approaching the maximum purity possible for manuka honey.

Limited stock is available of this very rare honey. Often sold at well over $250 on the global market. Treat yourself or a loved one with a truly delightful high-end honey, you will not be disappointed nor will your body.

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