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Manuka Honey 18+ Ultra Premium Gold Label New Zealand Manuka Honey. Lab Certified 700 MGO, 80% Manuka Pollen Count minimum

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Avatar MQS 18+. This honey is of the highest quality. Some years we are lucky enough to get this very high grade manuka. This batch has been tested at Massey university and found to be a true monofloral Manuka. This is harvested from the coastal manuka forests of Wairarapa, New Zealand. Avatar MQS18+ Manuka Honey is over 80% manuka pollen and has been carefully aged in a controlled environment over a number of years to produce a honey that is independently certified at MGO 700+ (mg/kg dietary Methylglyoxal) and is approaching the maximum purity possible for manuka honey.

With minimum 80% manuka pollen and minimum MGO700  you can be assured this is an outstanding, high purity manuka honey that will not disappoint. Not to mention at this price you won't find better! Offen sold by other brands at over $230 !!  Highly Recommended to have some in the house for winter at this price !!! (only while stocks last, aged for over 5 years)

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