500g 15+ MGO 500 Certified 93.7% manuka pollen count minimum

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Avatar's Silver range MQS 15+ manuka honey, with over 93% manuka pollen you get that aged manuka goodness with a mouth-watering delicious flavor.  Harvested from deep inside the coastal manuka forests of Wairarapa, New Zealand. Independently certified at 500+MGO (mg/kg dietary Methylglyoxal )

At this level of MGO manuka honey really starts to stand out, there are 1000's of elements that make up an MQS15+ honey, nobody understands it and people will never understand it, it's a natural phenomenon that happens once the pollen levels of a Manuka honey reach over 75%.

You are going to love this honey!

Did You Know…?
Avatar Manuka Honey contains amino acids and antioxidants including vitamins and polyphenols and bioflavonoids, which fight free radicals in the body. A study by Laïd Boukraâ et al from King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia on antibacterial and antioxidant potency of floral honey from different botanical and geographical origins found manuka honey had the highest content of polyphenols of all the honey investigated.
A fantastic price for a fantastic honey. 

Manuka Honey shipped worldwide direct from the New Zealand beekeeper.

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Dear Honey Lovers,
If you would like to buy an exceptional honey you have come to the right place.
Known as New Zealand's most remote manuka honey our delicious thick honey is sourced from the remote organic mountain ranges of New Zealand.

All our honey is 3rd party Lab tested you can click above on the Product spec link for more details on that. Also we recommend you watch our video below of exactly where your honey was made.

Our hive locations allow us to produce an exceptional manuka honey with mouth watering aromas, a truly delicious manuka honey flavor with stunning golden colors.

To be the best in NZ is not easy yet we are certain you will agree and be amazed with every spoonful you have.

We send our honey worldwide from right here in New Zealand to ensure you are not getting fake Manuka Honey and you are receiving true quality Manuka Honey. Some of the stories we have heard recently regarding fake honey is just not right.

Good things take time, when ordering direct you may need to wait a few more days but you can be certain you are getting the real deal Avatar Manuka Honey.

Sourced, packed, labeled and independently lab tested in New Zealand to ensure authenticity

  • Greater than 95.7% manuka pollen 250g and 500g same batch number
  • Min of 798,098 grains of manuka pollen per 10 grams of honey
  • Certified by independent palynology lab

Core samples are taken of each batch of Avatar Manuka Honey and sent away for independent laboratory analysis, for Methylgloxal (MG or MGO), and manuka pollen concentration and a number of other laboratory analysis, to ensure purity and authenticity of each jar.

The following natural chemicals all need to be present and at these levels:

  • 3-phenyllactic acid at a level greater than or equal to 400 mg/kg
  • 2’-methoxyacetophenone at a level greater than or equal to 5 mg/kg
  • 2-methoxybenzoic acid at a level greater than or equal to 1 mg/kg
  • 4-hydroxyphenyllactic acid at a level greater than or equal to 1 mg/kg test

Lastly the DNA Test:

DNA from manuka pollen (DNA level required is less than Cq 36, which is approximately 3 fg/µL)

MGO 500 Manuka Honey Test results
MGO 500 Manuka Honey Test resultsMGO 350 Manuka Honey Test resultsClover honey from local wellington region

We ship free anywhere in New Zealand on orders over $50 , We do ship worldwide however due to Covid some country's are very expensive.

USA For this week we are running our Black friday Cyber Monday promotion $10 SHIPPING on all MADE FOR USA Bundle deals ( you can find them marked in blue on our home page. We have made these deals with freight costs and weight in mind so everyone wins. Shipping time is around 5 to 10 Days from the day the flight leaves here more on each product page.

Shipping is very expensive at the moment but we are listening to our customers and we understand how much you still want our honey so we have made up these deals for you and in such a way that we can survive the crazy freight charges at the moment without passing that on to you.

Saudi Arabia:
We are making some changes to our shipping rate to Saudi and expected time frames recently it is taking about 4 weeks to get to Saudi from New Zealand watch this space for more for now its business as normal and around $60 per KG to Saudi Arabia. ( sorry but there is just nothing we can do about it just yet)

All Orders:
- In case you order more than one honey deal at the same or different time if we can see that before shipping time cut off we will merge all orders up to 5kg into one. If not  they will be shipped separately each with their own order number and tracking number to ensure safe delivery.

An order number and tracking number will be sent to you by email once your order is packed and shipped.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our honey and your review every review really helps us and others when deciding to shop with Avatar.
So thank you in advance and enjoy your honey :)

Have any Questions? We are a Manuka honey production company & Manuka Honey Specialists. We welcome any questions you may have, you can use the form below to reach out or use messenger for a more direct answer one of us is normally around and we will answer as soon as we can if we see a messenger message ( yes facebook messenger is the quickest way to contact us) you can find the messenger link at the bottom left of this page most likely you will be talking to Rob hes the guy on the left in the NZ food award picture below.

Avatar Honey NZ LTD

Address: 20-4 Bidwills Cutting Road, Greytown

If there is anything we can help, don't hesitate to contact us also by filling contact form below:

 Manuka Honey makes a great tea, face-mask, natural energy source the list goes on..

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100's Of 5-Star Reviews and 1000's Of Happy Customers

Honestly the best Manuka Honey I've ever tried.. The flavor is amazing and if you can win over my fussy 19 year old son then you are on to a winner as this is his absolute favorite..

by Frances T. - Verified Buyer

Awesome service and the most delicious honey. Would not buy any other honey brand now and we have tried quite a few before finding Avatar.

by Maureen G. - Verified Buyer

A delicious thick honey that tastes as good as it looks. I prefer to eat it on a spoon straight from the jar for a boost of delicious energy.

by Nicky P. - Verified Buyer

Unbelievable customer experience from the Avatar Manuka Honey team! Beautiful honey taste colour & texture from your hard working honey Bee’s, bringing us their amazing healing properties from nature’s nectar. Thank you Avatar Manuka Honey.

by Donna G. - Verified Buyer

So happy to have bought quality honey, it tastes absolutely delicious. Definitely a 5 star+, thank you.

by Charlene T. - Verified Buyer

Recently we purchased a 500g Manuka Honey MGO250 100% Pure NZ Natural Honey ...it cost $60.00 plus but it was worth it ...both my wife and I are absolutely thrilled with the taste and texture of the honey ...surely is “nectar of the gods” it is a daily ritual having it spread on toast

by Andy C. - Verified Buyer

So what are you waiting for ? You have just discovered a New Zealand Fine Food Award Finalist Manuka Honey Company, with honey sourced from untouched Manuka forests, harvested ethically with 100's of 5 star reviews & 1000's of happy customers. That's tested by independent accredited laboratories & sent straight from the New Zealand bee-keeper to you to ensure quality and authenticity. 
All at the best price in the industry.

Give your taste buds a little surprise & try a true manuka honey.

Lets see that true manuka smile and while you are at it why not get a couple more for Mum, Dad or someone special this Xmas.

Thanks for shopping with Avatar
Cheers, the Avatar Team.


 We ship once a week to USA
Next Direct Flight leaves in...

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