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Manuka Honey 8+ & 5+ 500g

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500g 8+ MGO180 and 500g 5+ MGO100  Quality Manuka Honey Birthday Deal


Avatar MQS8+ Manuka Honey is harvested from the coastal manuka forests of the Wairarapa province in New Zealand. This honey contains over 60% manuka pollen, is independently certified at 180+ mg/kg dietary Methylglyoxal and has that unmistakable stunning manuka honey color and flavor that has a dominant manuka fraction but also has multifloral properties where the bees have foraged on not only manuka trees but other surrounding flowers from other native plant species. This creates a natural manuka blend that contains manuka honey as its main component and a certified 180MGO MQS8+ .


Avatar's MQS 5+ Manuka honey is naturally made by the bees and is not blended, what you are buying is genuine Manuka honey where the bees have foraged on not only Manuka trees but other surrounding flowers creating a natural blend of pollen with a baseline of over 50% Manuka Pollen.